Monday, April 2, 2012

ECCC 2012 wrap up!

Post ECCC12 Wrapup!
     What an amazing weekend, If you went, you KNOW what I mean and if you didnt go, I couldnt explain it to ya!  As with the whole weekend, I split my time as best as I could between Microbrew Comics and Unibrow Comics...Sorry if I missed you.
     At MicroBrew, we nearly sold out of Dallas McCoy #1, yay!  and at Unibrow, well, the SKETCH covers kept me really busy, I still have 3 Sketch covers to do and another commission!  I love homework, dont you?  I dont have the numbers for sales on Z#0, but things seemed like they were moving well.
     Zach Fischer, artist on Siege #1, worked his A$$ off all weekend.  He is a very talented man and I hope he isnt mad that we had to catheterize him so he didnt go to the bathroom!
     Friday night, post con, we ended up at the Blarney Stone for the Hardkorn comedy event, It was nice hanging out with those guys.
     Saturday night, Harrison Wood, Jason Lamb, Wade Busby, Sean T. McCain, Tim Lowry, and myself had what I would call 1 beverage too many at Gameworks, then headed over to the Crocodile Cafe for the Live painting event Hosted by Molly McIsaac!  Sean Dietrich was amazing and chatty as usual and produced an amazing piece!  Thanks for encouraging my son, SD!
     Later that night, I would get my first Tattoo!  Sunday, a typically known for being a bit slower, crowd wise, made it difficult for me to generate an audience for my inking demo and the Storytelling Workshop, but later in the day things really picked up for signings and sketch covers taking me down to the wire of the show!  For those of you who wanted to see the Storytelling panel, my apologies.
     Post con, Richard McCall, Joseph Gadison, Wade Busby, Marx Blum, Sean, and Chris Vacano with some crazy youngsters wrapped up the show at Dick's Drive-in on Queen Anne.  Thanks to Tim Harrison, Erik Lundegard, Mike and Dawn Busick, Brian McDonald, Karl Segal, and Dev Madan for showing the love!

Picture to come, as soon as I find my Data card adapter and camera!


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